Mistakes….. they happen sometimes more often then people would care to admit, but at the end of the day it is part of reality mistakes are bound to happen.

Now in my opinion two different things show your character when a mistake happens.

If your the person the made the mistake how did you try and fix the mistake?

If your the person how did you handle the mistake being brought to your attention and accept the person or business attempt to fix it.

As your business, your brand and ultimately as you grow mistakes are going to happen. Whether you are just starting out and making rookie mistakes or your at a crucial expansion point of your life. My question to you as a brand as a business how do you handle it.

The way I look at it there are no problems only solutions.

So when you make a mistake own it, handle it the best way you can but try and fix it to the best of your ability.

If the mistake happened during one of your business transactions make sure you see how the person might try and fix it. Maybe it was by accident and there is a solution or maybe it was unavoidable either way instead of losing it maybe working together to find a solution is a better way of handling it.

You never know your reaction could change a lot of things and show what your true character is and even put an asterisk on your personal or business brand.

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