If you are in sales or ever been in sales I am sure you have heard of the famous saying ABC. The famous Alec Baldwin plays a motivational sales presenter brought into boost morale and increase sales via a contest in the epic 1992 sales film Glenngary Glen Ross. During his speech he talks about ABC, A always B Be C Closing, in the years since it has become the slogan for both a budding sales person or the tenured one.

What does this have to do with you or your business you might be asking. Well recently on my lunch break at the corner store a guy who was stocking the shelves for Wise potato chips struck up a conversation with me. It started out with as simple as do you guys do all types of signs? I had a good five-minute conversation while my food was being prepared about how he needs a sign and had purchased one off of Craigslist but needed some more vinyl. He said he didn’t even know I was in town. After talking about the project, I handed him a business card and said give me a call when you are ready to start the project. While handing him the business card he happened to mention to me that he was reading my shirt and saw the design and that we did signs.

This got me to thinking, when aren’t we advertising for our own businesses?

Part of owning your own business comes with the fact you need to be able to bring the work in, if you are not doing so how will you have a successful business. With that said you should always be looking for the next opportunity, the next sale as some might call or it or at the very least the next opportunity.

Word of mouth is always going to be your best opportunity to get a solid credible new lead, but I ask you do you have the current tools needed to do the things that can help that warm introduction?

Is your brand legible?

Are your employees wearing recgonizible clothes that establish the brand?

Are you taking advantage of all advertising opportunities? Car Wraps? Truck Lettering, Effective Signage?

It all boils down to you need to follow up with the warm introduction and make it so that your business is the on the forefront of the minds of the people you are being placed in front of.

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