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Why Traditional Forms of Marketing Don’t Work

Are you in the yellow pages? While I was growing up I remember meeting other business owners with my father and they would talk about being in the yellow pages and how it helped their business. Hell, I remember a couple of companies that made their business name starts with an A so they would […]

Why Designs to Signs?

Selfishly, I hope my customers choose us because of our stellar product and they want to work with me and my team. Unselfishly, I am sure sometimes it has to do with price point. Although I hate selling and doing sales in regards to price point; I would have to be stupid to think some […]

Return on Investment….Is your Marketing Plan Paying off?

What is Return on Investment (ROI) anyway? Usually expressed as a percentage Return on Investment is a measure that indicates whather or not a company is using its resources in an effective manner.  Sometimes we hear this called the rate of return. Below is the formula put together by the on how you should […]


Mistakes….. they happen sometimes more often then people would care to admit, but at the end of the day it is part of reality mistakes are bound to happen. Now in my opinion two different things show your character when a mistake happens. If your the person the made the mistake how did you try […]


If you are in sales or ever been in sales I am sure you have heard of the famous saying ABC. The famous Alec Baldwin plays a motivational sales presenter brought into boost morale and increase sales via a contest in the epic 1992 sales film Glenngary Glen Ross. During his speech he talks about […]